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The Rise of Hateful Little England

Clive Irving, The Daily Beast
This city feels like the capital of a country that has been hijacked by a tribe for whom London represents everything that they hate: they hate its prosperity, its cosmopolitanism, its social diversity, its cultural exoticism, its bawdiness and most of all its un-Englishness. The hijackers are the Little Englanders, a noisome and virulent strain of nativism that has taken power in Westminster. For several generations they had been successfully marginalized. Now they are mainstream, put there by the vote to leave the European Union, Brexit. They dominate the ruling Conservative party and came...

Trump Will Win the National Battle for Legitimacy

David Goldman, PJ Media
The referee should have stopped it in the tenth. Punching at will, Donald Trump said, "Hillary used the power of her office to make $250 million. Why not put some money in? You made a lot of it while you were secretary of State? Why aren't you putting money into your own campaign? Just curious." Reeling and against the ropes, Clinton gasped that she supported ... the Second Amendment. It was a brilliant rhetorical device: under the rubric of campaign financing, Trump slipped in an allegation that Clinton corruptly enriched herself by using the power of her office for personal gain--and...

Will GOP Officials Stampede From Trump & Will It Matter?

Byron York, Examiner
Republican officeholders, including the party's 2008 presidential nominee and the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, are abandoning Donald Trump as uproar spreads over his lewd video. The next 24 hours will tell whether the significant but still manageable number of defections will turn into a stampede, or whether Trump can find a way to contain the damage and keep the rest of his congressional support on board. Beyond that, even if a full-scale GOP stampede away from Trump breaks out, it remains unclear precisely what that would mean. Would it end Trump's days as a viable candidate? Or...