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Mike Pence and the Year of Disinformation

Jack Shafer, Politico
Anytime a network microphone is live, disinformation can pour into the nation’s living rooms. It poured freely Tuesday night during the vice presidential debate, as Mike Pence repeatedly disinformed viewers about the positions taken and the statements made by his running mate, Donald Trump—at times flatly denying Trump had said things he clearly had said. All the fact-checkers rose to bust him in their postmortems, but Pence largely got away with it; commentators generally gave him the win in the debate.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s Marriage

Amy Davidson, The New Yorker
“Here’s a woman,” Donald Trump said at a rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night, midway through a fit he was having about the character of Hillary Clinton. “She’s supposed to fight all these different things, and she can’t make it fifteen feet to her car! Give me a break.” Trump was referring to Clinton’s collapse on September 11th, when she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and ignoring the vigorous performance she had delivered in their debate last week; she had won, and since then he had done pretty much everything wrong. But a bully...